Our driving school in Jihlava can provide you with the driving training in English language

  • Our teachers will lead you throughout the theoretical lessons and practical training so that you will be able to pass the final driving examination successfully.
  • We recommend English speaking applicants to arrange a meeting in advance via email - please send us Your request to email address autoskolaji@seznam.cz.​
As you cannot attend the theoretical classes as they are led in Czech you will be provided with the theoretical lessons separately by your teacher.

Remeber, that before you sign up for the driving trainings you must:
  • meet the minimum age required for the driving license - it is 18 years at least
  • meet the medical condition required (you will obtain a medical opinion from your doctor - the general practitioner and it must not be older than 3 months)
  • not be prevented from driving for any reason
  • prove the permanent residency or study or job relation to the Czech Republic for at least 185 days the day of your driving examination if you are non-Czech citizen

How to enroll in driving school:

  • Print the application form (it has got two sides) and the medical opinion form. Both of the documents are in czech and cannot be translated into another language.
  • After you have filled the application form in and obtained the medical opinion, bring both of the forms to our office at Fritzova 2, Jihlava, or send us both via email.
  • Your teacher will contact you in a few days with an offer including the date and price of the course. If You accept it, You can schedule the first training.

Driving Tests

Driving examination consists of two parts. The theoretical test and the practical driving test.

If you want to undertake the theoretical test in English or in any other language you will need a presence of a certified interpreter at the theoretical test.
Beware, the price for the interpreter and exam fee is not included in the price for the driving course.

You can also decide to take the final tests (and the practice driving exam) in the Czech language.
But if you decide to do the theoretical exam by yourself, without the presence of an interpreter, and fail, you will not be allowed to have an interpreter at the next theoretical test.

Usually you will undertake the practical test with the teacher who taught you throughout the course.

Documents and forms:

Application form: PDF nebo Word
Medical opinion: PDF nebo Word
An example of filled application form - vzor


When should I come to enroll in the driving school?
Please send us a mail to address autoskolaji@seznam.cz. We will suggest you some dates and we will arrange an introductory meeting.

Where should I come?
The driving school classroom is located near by the Jihlava city center, at address Fritzova 4258/2, Jihlava:
Fritzova 4258/2, Jihlava on Google Maps
The classroom is upstairs, follow the green signs 'Autoškola Jihlava' - driving school.

What should I bring to the first meeting?
Residence permit and some other identity document (identity card or passport). If you already have a driver's license, please take it with you. If you can get a medical certificate, bring a confirmed medical examination - you will find the form above.
The first meeting lasts about 30 - 45 minutes - we check Your documents and fill in the application required for the municipal office, schedule dates for other meetings and we will also agree on the terms of payment of the course.

How long the driving course lasts?
At least 25 days - if you can attend driving school every day. After completing the course, it may take another 14 days before you are asked by the municipality to take the final exam. If you succeed, it takes another two weeks to issue a driver's license. Therefore, you will not be able to drive until about two months after the start of the course. But if you fail the final exam, it may take a few weeks longer.

What course I can take in your driving school?
We only offer the couses for a car (driving license B at Czech Republic and according to an international Vienna Convention) and each foreign language course is an individual course. We offer the training with manual or automatic gearbox.

The kind of training is your choice - both manual and automatic transmission classes are the same price.
If you have no experience with driving, the course for automatic transmission is easier. However, your driving license will be limited to driving vehicles with an automatic transmission, and if you later decide to extend your driving license, you will have to pass the practical part of the test again (ie only practice drive) with a vehicle with a manual transmission. But such an extension is cheap and fast. And since you will already have experience with road traffic, we think the additional extension will be very easy for you.
We can also try both and later decide which gearbox you want to take the final exam with.

Do I have to take on-site classes?
Yes, to the minimum extent stipulated by law, teaching must be carried out on-site. In the price of the course you will also receive access account to the elearning section, where you will also have materials for self-study, including translated questions of final exams tests and on-line support by your instructor.

What is the price?
It is an individual course, please contact us and we will send you an individual offer. It will be between CZK 19 - 25.000 and If you agree, you can pay the course at once or in two installments - cash or by bank transfer to account 2901738626 / 2010. Please write your name to the message for recipient of the transfer order.